My creative practice focusses in the auto/biographical. I am interested in using auto/biographical material as a tool to create, to negotiate the past, reflect on identity and critique the cultural norm and narratives. I enjoy experimenting with  different methods and mediums; using movement, text , aerial and visual imagery as ways to express. I am fascinated  about the use of film and projection, which offers great possibilities for detail and layering.
                             A DAUGHTERS VIEW
Will be an intergenerational performance piece combining movement, aerial dance, text and projection. Mother and daughter looking into the past and the present together.But do they share the same views on what happened or what is happening? Focussing on three generations of daughters, whose voices need to be heard and who should also listen to eachother before it is too late. Krista and her mother Raili will confront issues about happiness, getting old and becoming like our mothers, or not, whilst trying to define their own identity.
This project has started as a research into constructing identity via performing auto/biography and the body as a living, performing archive. How can I "hold" my mothers and grandmothers memories in my body and how much is the Self built from these memories ? What stays the same, what changes whilst we are rendering, copying, erasing and recreating memories? Whose stories are told -mine, hers, theirs or yours?


Concept and Direction: Krista Vuori

Cast: Krista Vuori and Raili Vuori

Aerial Consultant and Mentor: Vicki Amedume

Photography: Toni Vuori   Rehearsal photography: Angus  Caution   

Early Days R&D Footage

Big Thanks to those who I have received support from so far in various ways , which has allowed me to develop this project further,

Upswing Aerial | Vicki Amedume

WAC Arts  |  Inflight

Scarabeus Aerial Theatre  | Inflight

Jacksons Lane