Krista is not trained in film making but loves seeing movement on camera, therefore she has embarked on a few film projects in the past and present. She is fascinated by the possibilities that projections in performance can offer and what a camera can create ; bringing out details, layering, textures, athmosphere and focus.

Sunrise Insomnolence                  Short Film in development

Unnameable                                   Choreography and concept by Krista Vuori | Directed by Toni Vuori                                                                TwoFace Productions (Duration 18min)

To Tell You The Truth                    Short Film | Filmed and Edited by Krista Vuori

Epithet,The Power of Fiction        Dance documentary|  Filmed and edited by Krista Vuori                                                             Commissioned by Another Dance Company.

Epithet                                              Filmed and edited by Krista Vuori | Choreography:Laura Aldridge

One minute wonder                       Filmed and edited by Krista Vuori