The Brownie Club                                Movement Director/ Mentor        Jessica Andrade, Jacksons Lane

Into The Light                                       Co-Director                                     Frantic Assembly, The Sherman&UK Tour

The Awkward Years                            Movement Director                       The Other Room

The Immigrant                                     Movement/Aerial Choreography Hoxton Hall  

Story Box Circus                                  Director & Choreographer            Upswing Aerial, Care homes in Hull

Harder, Better, Faster,Stronger        Co- Director                                     Frantic Assembly |Millenium Centre 

Tether                                                   Movement Consultant                   Lost Sock Company | Edinburgh Fringe

Bedtime Stories                                  Movement Dir./Consultant            Upswing Aerial | UK Tour

Jumping Puddles                                Movement Director                         Frantic Assembly | Open Clasp Theatre

Home Sweet Home                            Movement Director                     Freedom Studios  | Dir. Tom Wright

How Not To Die                                  Co-Director/Movement               Frantic Assembly Residency | The Lyric

Multiple Endings of Planet Earth.    Co-Director/Movement               Frantic Assembly Residency | LSBU 

Humanimals                                        Co-Director/Movement               Frantic Assembly Residency | Body and Soul

Arabian Nights                                    Director                                          Frantic Assembly Residency | Abu Dhabi 

One                                                       Co- Director                                   Frantic Assembly Recidency| Emanuel School

Red Shoes                                            Associate Director                       Upswing Aerial | Dir.Vicki Amedume

Here I Am                                            Co-Director/Movement.              Frantic Assembly Residency |Jeju, South Korea

A Daughters View                               Writer&Director                           Work In Progress

Something Magnificent                      Co- Director                                  Frantic Assembly | Middlesex Drama

Eagle Like Wings                                  Co- Director                                  Frantic Assembly | Hijinx Theatre Company

Silence                                                   Co-Director                                   Frantic Assembly | Residency

Moving In Houses                                Movement Director                    Theatre Arts Group, Glasgow |Dir. Rachel  Clive

Platform                                                 Assistant Movement Director    The Old Vic New Voices  |  Dir.Alex  Ferris 

24hour Play Celebrity Gala                Rehearsal Director for opening number  |  The Old Vic  |   

Once Upon A Plane                            Choreographer                              The Riley Theatre | Leeds                                                      
Sunday                                                 Choreographer                               The Riley Theatre | Leeds                            

AliceSolo                                              Choreographer and Performer