INTO THE LIGHT ( as Co-Director with  Scott Graham )                           The Sherman Theatre/UK and international Tour 2019


" There is very little live spoken dialogue—directors Scott Graham and Krista Vuori use the language of fluent movement ....convey isolation, love, desperation and joy."

"a constantly involving hour of colourful, double-edged reflectiveness which even manages to end on a comedic note."

British Theatre Guide

"..Wow, is the 1st word that comes to mind....simple idea transformed into theatrical magic in the innovative hands of joint directors Scott Graham and Krista Vuori." 

Theatre in Wales

"..a visually impressive, highly atmospheric work that dips its toes into avant-garde and is strongly meta-theatrical in nature."

"Most of the actual communication, though, is done through the means of physical movement, and that is where the real magic of this show happens....Into the Light is a unique creature, in equal parts theatre, dance, and performance art."

Art Scene in Wales 

"There is a clear sense of community and connection between the performers, and while they may be multi-lingual, they have one dominant language in common; the language of movement."

"Directed by Frantic Assembly’s Scott Graham and Krista Vuori, the performance is simple yet layered with meaning... emotive, heart-warming experience. Playful with light, shadow and voice..."

Wales Arts Review

".. I found myself mesmerised with Into The Light’s choreography from the offset. "

"Although Into The Light ponders some serious questions about how we engage with fame and attention on varying levels, the production also blends some lovely comic moments and hints at the darker lonelier aspects of fame."

"All are done to fabulous effect throughout  "

Entertainment South Wales

THE AWKWARD YEARS  ( as Movement Director and Associate )

Written by Matthew Bulgo, Dir. Dan Jones | The Other Room




THE IMMIGRANT ( Aerial choreography and Movement)

by Oneness Sankara | Dir. Karena Johnson

" Perkins is suspended from a rope so she can simulate being in zero gravity, and gleefully floats towards the audience who must look up at her..The Immigrant is delightful and Perkins gives such warmness and relatability to her character who is being to forced to choose between her family and dream of becoming an astronaut."

A younger theatre 

" Sankara’s The Immigrant is, the absolute stand-out of the programme."

The Stage


Bedtime Stories ( as Movement Director/Consultant)

★★★★★ “A mesmerising adventure for children of all ages”Mumble Cirque

★★★★ “A very beautiful, dynamic and well-crafted show for children and their grown-ups” The Scotsman

★★★★ “A treat for the senses” Arts Award

★★★★ “A loving hymn to the power of imagination” Festmag


JUMPING PUDDLES ( As Movement Director )

Written by Catrina McHugh


"...movement is used to convey an emotional message which speaks in great volumes."

"Powerfull...inspired moment of physical storytelling."

The Public reviews

          "This gulf between Anna and Grace is expertly conveyed through their movements"

         Northumbria Uni

           "Frantic Assembly's Krista Vuori...provides us, through her movement..with an additional emotional layer"

         British Theatre Guide


HOME SWEET HOME (As Movement Director )

Written By Emma Adams


"Home Sweet Home is a remarkable piece of work'"★★★★ Whatsonstage ★★★★ Yorkshire Post



"Spellbinding....a Bollywood showstopper to the plate spinning Manager trying to stop the walls from closing in, audiences will see a different side of life at "the home" which they couldn't have dreamt of seeing before. "

Yorkshire Times

"Jo’s symbolism...her increasingly anxious twitching movements as she responds to events like a frightened animal caught in a trap...-as central to this production as those of the residents and relatives whose experiences form the bulk of the narrative."

Total Theatre


Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger ( As Co-Director/Movement)

Hijinx Theatre / Frantic Assembly 

"Striking...Impressive inclusive piece of theatre was both intimate and revealing."